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Global Pipeline Services

The design, construction and commissioning pipelines and associated with facilities requires the broadest range of skills and experience employees in order to provide solutions which balance sensitive safety issues with environmental and cost issues … We provide clients a one-stop service for pipeline projects with our ability to deliver an entire project .Alternatively we can offer clients access to one or more areas of specialist expertise. At GLOBAL PIPELINE our goal is to have a good reputation for innovation, flexibility and collaboration with others in order to achieve common projects goals.

Pipeline Construction

• Pipeline Construction
• Marsh and Swamp Installation
• Directional Drilling, Dry and Slick Bore Installations
• Pipeline Repair and Rehabilitation
• Class Changes, Re-Routes and Line Adjustments
• Integrity and Maintenance
• Blasting and Painting
• Hydrostatic Testing
• Project Management, Planning, Scheduling & Execution
• Project Procurement Services
• Emergency Response Leak Repair

Facility Services

• Gas Treating and Processing Facilities
• Well Pad, Location Work
• Grassroots Compressor Stations
• Meter Stations
• Pump Stations
• Modifications and Upgrades
• Liquid Handling Facilities
• Maintenance
• Project Management, Planning, Scheduling & Execution
• Project Procurement Services
• Operations Assistance and Management

Pipeline Integrity

• Full Service Make-Ready and Fabrication of Launchers, Receivers, Valve Settings
and Risers
• Chemical Cleaning
• Hydrostatic Testing
• Dehydration and Mechanical Cleaning
• Anomaly Investigations and Repair
• Large Recoats
• Composite Sleeve Reinforcement
• Welding Repairs
• Pig Tracking and Location
• Full Assistance with Intelligent Pig
• Pipeline Repairs, Modifications and Replacements
• Integrity Management Program

Operations & Maintenance

Global Pipeline Provides Operations and Maintenance for the following:

• Pipelines
• Facilities
• Plants
• Stations

Global Pipeline Instrumentation & Electrical Services

• Certified Specialty Services
• Industrial Instrumentation
• Industrial Electrical Contracting
• Control, Design and Start-Up Services
• Turnaround Services
• Capital Projects
• High Voltage and Pole Line Construction
• Consulting and Supervision Maintenance Service

Fabrication & Measurement Services

• Fabrication of measurement and flow control skids for onshore and offshore applications

• Fabrication of orifice, ultrasonic, coriolis, positive displacement (PD) and turbine meters

• Fabrication of subsea and riser assemblies, hot tap valves, launchers and receivers

• Complete instrumentation and electrical packages such as skid installation, RTU packages, chromatograph buildings and communications

• Alterations and refurbishing of existing meter skids
• Meter inspections, micing and repairs (authorized Daniels Fabricator)
• Installation of meter skid on location
• Qualified instrumentation and electrical (I&E) technicians to assist and repair on location

Global Pipeline Hydrostatic Testing Services

• Make ready - Mechanical preparation and remedial work for testing operations
• Fabrication - Install pigging facilities, valve settings, metering facilities, and temporary or permanent modifications to allow testing

• Chemical cleaning - Progressive cleaning solutions using pigs and special chemicals to clean lines

• Line fill, test and dewater - Late model, specially designed equipment allows pump performance to be matched to any project in the country

• Dehydration and mechanical cleaning - Drying to ultra-low dew point temperatures and cleaning lines to high-purity levels

• Leak and failure repair - High-tech, advanced leak detection methods and replacement and/or repair of defects identified during testing activities
Tie-ins and recommissioning - Re-establishing pipeline operations following testing activities